Thank You: Dress Down Day

A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the 1st annual Dress Down Day for the Penn Wood Foundation for 2012. Every school including the Administration Building participated in our event, and we are excited to announce that we raised $2,594.95. We are so excited and thankful for all of you!

A special thanks goes to the principals who allowed this event to take place. We know how much we all love Dress Down Days (wink-wink), and to Mr. Bruni, Pam Bookman, April Pagano, Beverley Julal, Lisa Marie Lammert, Kristin Convery, Andrea Fink, Susan Chan Peter, Deborah Cohen, Denise Schuyler, Debbi Fletcher, Chris Brose, Maureen McNulty, Alice Thomas, and Elizabeth Dunford for their support and for helping to collect the money in the buildings and for delivering it to me here at Ardmore.

Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. I appreciate everything and everyone for their help.

As you know we, as adults and educators, are always looking for teachable moments. Raising this
money helps us to help our students and faculty through grants and scholarships. It also helps us to
provide opportunities for our students to become productive citizens and to Pay It Forward in the bigger picture.

Please remember we are accepting applications for the Winter Innovators Grants. DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7th!